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To Make All of Your Dreams Come True?
Has there ever been anything you've wanted, that was worth selling your soul for? Have you ever been so desperate for a change in your life, that you made a deal with a devil? Sure, most people think that it's just an expression. No one would actually do it. No one would even know how, right? They are wrong. The devils walk among us, striking deals when people are their weakest and most vulnerable. A contract must be formed, and the debt must eventually be paid. So what happens when your time is up?

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Lal Naran Avatar
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The library is full of anything that anyone could possibly imagine. Great human authors, as well as knowledge from other realms line the many shelves of this great room. There are tables with lamps, a grand chandelier in the center of the room, as well as comfortable chairs along the walls. There is also a fireplace that the servants will keep going so long as the library is occupied.

Argento Dantalion Avatar
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The Living Area extends from the foyer in the front of the house to the sitting room to the right and the dining room off to the left. There are two bathrooms on the main floor as well. The whole of the main floor is very decorated with things that you would find in an older styled mansion.

Aiko Marana Avatar
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The kitchen is a very large, nearly gourmet styled area where one can usually find servants and slaves bustling about preparing all sorts of meals during all hours of the day and night.

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